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Song Translation – Welcome Soleil

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Bye bye nuages, welcome soleil
J’tai attendu toute la journée
Y a du travail icitt pour toé
Si t’es pas trop pressé d’partir

Une pluie tout fraîche à nettoyer
Deux tout p’tits coeurs à réchauffer
Des gens sur la plage à colorer
Brun foncé ou rouge brûlé

Si en plus d’tout ça tu veux bien
Sécher ma portion d’colombien
J’te donnerai de quoi manger
Des larmes d’amoureux attristés

Bye bye soleil, à demain matin
J’organise un pique-nique party
J’ai invité tous mes amis
Leur disant qu’tu y serais aussi

Faithful” translation by John Lejderman

Bye bye clouds, welcome sun
I waited for you all day long
I got some work for you to do
If you’re not too rushed to go away

A fresh fallen rain to sweep away
Two little hearts for you to warm
People on the beach to color in
Dark brown or lobster red

If after that you still can stay
Dry out my Columbian stock
I’ll give you something nice to eat
Tears of lovers who are sad

Bye, bye the sun, until tomorrow
I’m organizing a pic-nic
I have invited all my friends
Telling them you’ll be here too.

Adaptation by John Lejderman

Bye bye you clouds, good morning sun
I waited for you all week long
There’s work for you that needs be done
Unless you say you’ve got to run.

Fresh fallen rain for you to dry
Cheer up two lovers who have cried
Colour in some bodies on the beach
Dark toasted brown or pink as peach.

If after that your smile can last
Please stay and dry my stock of grass
Take these tears of friends of mine
For whom love sometimes is unkind.

Until tomorrow, bye bye sun
We’re going to have a BarBQ
I told my friends they all should come
Promising you’ll be there too.

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