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satisfaction_guaranteed-e1348676441380Quality and Satisfaction Guaranteed

My quality guarantee is that you are satisfied with the translation or you do not pay. There are several factors that ensure you will be satisfied:

I make sure I understand the text I am working on in order to avoid errors. I will not accept mandates that are beyond my abilities.
I cannot be an expert in every technical specialty, but I do conduct extensive research to better understand any difficult concepts and to determine the correct terminology for the subject area.
I know my limits, and I will consult with the author if I am not sure of a technical concept or term.
I carefully revise all texts for translation accuracy, correct terminology, completeness, correct grammar and spelling and writing style.
As I generally charge by the word, you do not pay extra for the time allotted to quality assurance.

Qualifications that guarantee quality

  • Native English speaker – grew up in London, England, and then Toronto, Canada, with English as first language; living for many years in Montréal, Quebec, the French-speaking part of Canada
  • Certified translator (member of OTTIAQ ) – OTTIAQ (Quebec Professional Order for Translators) is the Quebec government recognized organization for certifying translators; OTTIAQ members adhere to a quality policy with periodic inspections to ensure compliance
  • Over 20 years translation experience with an emphasis on technical translation – After graduating in Computer Science (M.Sc.), I taught programming to college-level students, and then worked as an analyst and technical writer in the software development industry. I moved on to translation, specializing in the area of Information Technology, and subsequently acquired a broader experience by translating in many different technical fields as well as translating business documents in general.
  • Examples and references available on demand. 


    Resumé | John Lejderman

    • M.Sc. Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, University of Montreal, 1978;
    • B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer Science, University of Quebec in Montreal, 1976.
    Work History Summary
    • Technical and Business Translator for various direct clients and agencies. Quebec-based virtual office, since 1987;
    • Associate Consultant, DIGI-PLUS Inc., Montreal – systems analysis and proposal writing, 1987, 2 month contract;
    • Systems Analyst, Boeing Computer Services, Advanced Technology Applications Division, Software Engineering Tools Project, Seattle, 1986, 2 month contract;
    • Systems Analyst, Canadian Data Processing Corp., Vancouver, research in computer aided software engineering, 1984-1985, 16 months;
    • Software Developer, self-employed, Vancouver – creation and marketing of a computer game, 1983-1984, 14 months;
    • Computer Science Teacher, in Information Systems Department, Collège Edouard Montpetit, Longueuil, Montreal, 1979-1982, 3 years 6 months;
    • Analyst/Programmer, University of Montreal, Pattern Recognition Laboratory, summers 1976 & 1977, 8 months;
    • Analyst/Programmer, Dataline Systems Inc., Montreal, Timesharing Services, 1975, 8 months.
    • Certified Translator, member of the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ); member #4580, since Nov. 23, 1998.
    • Certified supplier to Canadian federal government Translation Bureau.
    Personal interests
    • meditation, reading, travel, tango

Effective use of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools

As a person with a strong Computer Science background, I have always strived to exploit information technology to the maximum to improve both the quality and efficiency of my translation work. This investment allows me to offer quality service while maintaining affordable rates.

My present setup is cenetred on the use of Déjà Vu, a Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and Translation Memory (TM) tool.  This tool, among others, handles reuse of existing translations in the Translation Memory that I build up for each client and manages glossaries tailored to the needs of individual clients. It automates numerous routine translation and quality control functions and allows me to translate a wide range of file formats with a minimum of technical errors.

Documented Quality Policy

OTTIAQ possesses a quality policy that a professional translator must follow to ensure quality. This standard is presented in the following brochure: Guide des normes de pratique professionnelle en traduction. It is equivalent to ISO quality standards for translation service providers.


  • Wow!  I am impressed by the quality of the translation. I really enjoyed reading it. And at the same time, it is strange to read my own writing in English. Is it really my article? LOL. I wish I could write English this well.  
    Jonathan Azoulay
  • We have discovered with you the pleasure of working with a technical translator and we will henceforth be calling on you to translate this type of document.
    Andrée-Anne Chevalier, Vice-President Business Development, Vigilance Santé, develops computer tools and databases for health care professionals
  • Thank you for the translations, the style is very well preserved and we like the English versions you produce very much. The fast turnaround, when required, is also highly appreciated.
    Véronique Clément, Director Commmunications, Contents and Communities, Ugoburo, Online sale of office furniture
  • John is really very professional. He has always provided us with prompt, high quality service. I recommend him for any company without hesitation. Continue your excellent work John!

  • John has been working for my translation firm for more than 15 years and has always given us high quality translations, sometimes in a very tight timeframe. I highly recommend John as a professional translator.    
    Yves Desjardins, President at Traducta, Translation agency
  • I wanted to pass along my thanks for having delivered a high-quality, meticulously researched translation.  
    Michelle O'Brodovich, Marketing Coordinator/Writer for Ecosystem, Energy efficiency projects
  • I have hired John Lejderman on numerous occasions. I have always been very happy with his work, which is thoroughly researched, of excellent quality and always delivered on time. He is very pleasant to work with and is readily available when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking English translation or revision services.  
    Miriam Gartenberg, C.Tr., Translation Coordinator and Reviser for a multinational engineering firm